Anaí is a Chilean singer and composer. She started composing with the piano at age 11 and had her first band when she was 15. In 2009 she moved to Berlin and started writing and performing solo, while studying music production. That’s when she met the DNA’s. Together, they re-arranged her former solo compositions and produced the Beuselsession in 2013: 7 tracks played live in their rehearsal room. They are releasing their album Humano in 2017. Their music is a beautiful mixture between Rock and Latin American Folk (sometimes spacey, sometimes down to earth beats) sung with strong vocals in Spanish. She sings about states of mind, the spirit or social matters.

piano & vocalsAnaídrumsCornelius MillerbassPablo TuratiguitarFelix BodnertromboneSamir KhourysaxophoneIbon Goitia