Beusselsession 15/12/2013

Directed by: Klavs
Produced by: Anaí
Cameras: Klavs, Jan Säuberlich, Ramiro Hidalgo
Mix & Master: Caspar Konter
Special thanks to: Barbara Vergara, Benjamín Domínguez, Guillermo Beltrami

I want to thank everybody that helped in any way to make Saturdays concert work: DNA’s, Johanna und Jan, Pablo, Bibi, Mufa, Cam, Maxi, Niko, Jonas, Simi, Omar and of course all the people that came to see and listen. You’re the best!
It was a lovely atmosphere and we had a blast! Hope to see you soon!

Here’s the new link to our video Éxito: Watch it, re-watch it and share it!

Anaí & the DNA’s