Beusselsession 15/12/2013

Directed by: Klavs
Produced by: Anaí
Cameras: Klavs, Jan Säuberlich, Ramiro Hidalgo
Mix & Master: Caspar Konter
Special thanks to: Barbara Vergara, Benjamín Domínguez, Guillermo Beltrami

I want to thank everybody that helped in any way to make Saturdays concert work: DNA’s, Johanna und Jan, Pablo, Bibi, Mufa, Cam, Maxi, Niko, Jonas, Simi, Omar and of course all the people that came to see and listen. You’re the best!
It was a lovely atmosphere and we had a blast! Hope to see you soon!

Here’s the new link to our video Éxito: Watch it, re-watch it and share it!

Anaí & the DNA’s

Hello everybody! The time has finally come:

I want to invite you all to the release concert of my first solo EP.

One of the great things of the evening is that I’m presenting it with the band, the lovely DNA’s.
I’m also celebrating my birthday that saturday, so it is a triple celebration: EP Release, DNA’s first Concert and my Birthday.

Johanna Amelie will be opening the show.

Lagari: Pflügerstraße 19, 12047, Berlin. 21.00